How to take photo of the location?

  • Step 1 - Take a front facing photo of the location where you would like to see my art or photo print
  • Step 2 - Keep enough distance and include some surrounding furniture to capture the atmosphere of the room / area
  • Step 3 - Please ensure that the uploaded photo is in high resolution

What file formats is acceptable?

Please make sure that the file format is filename.jpg, filename.jpeg, filename.tiff, filename.JPG, filename.JPEG or filename.TIFF

What size should the file be?

Each file should not exceed 2000Kb or 2Mb size. Total of 8000Kb or 8Mb is allowed when four images are attached.

How to name the photos?

If possible, please rename your photos with your FirstnameLastname.jpg . 

How many image creations are allowed? Does this service cost any money?

You can request as many image creations as you would like, however, only first four are free.

These four image creations can be

  • Option 1 - four different photos at four different locations OR
  • Option 2 - four different photos at one location OR
  • Option 3 - one photo at four different locations. OR
  • Option 4 - two photos at two different locations each OR
  • Option 5 - one photo at one location and second photo at three different locations OR
  • Option 6 - one photo at one location and other three at one location OR
  • Option 7 - one photo at one location, second photo at second location and third photo at two different location

If you would like to try more than four options, I can provide price on application. Depending on the quantity of your purchase, these charges may be deducted from the total sale amount.

Steps for photo selection and image creation

  • Step 1 - Please visit the gallery (landscape photography, acrylic paintings or floral photography) to shortlist the photo or art you would like to see in your chosen location.
  • Step 2 - Once you have the list, Go to the form at the bottom of this guide
  • Step 3 - Please enter your details and attach the photos of chosen locations of your house/office
  • Step 4 - Click 'Next' to go page 2. Here you can select photos from 'Landscape Photo Gallery' by clicking into the checkbox under each photo. Once selection is complete, please proceed to the next page.
  • Step 5 - Click 'Next' to go page 3. Here you can select photos from 'Flower Photo Gallery' and 'Acrylic Paintings Gallery'. Once selection is complete, you can select the type of frame you would like to see around it. This is for your reference only. We do not supply the frames.
  • Step 6 - You can add any additional notes and click Submit to send your chosen location photo and the selected photos from my galleries.
  • Step 7 - Please allow up to one week for the images to be photoshoped and sent back

What is the response timeframe?

You can expect your image creations approximately within one week of contacting me. If you have not received any image creations from me within a week, please check your junk mail folder. If you have not received any emails from me, please contact me and I will follow it through with priority.

Please fill in the form below to get started. Thanks.